Baby Bottle Holder made of Minky Dot Fabric
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With expanding elastic and a rubber matte lining to grip the bottle, the Bottle Buddy will secure various sizes of bottles and cups without slipping, even with condensation. The tether expands from 7" - 11" in length, and snaps allow you to secure the end to a car seat harness, stroller or highchair, or comfortably around your baby's wrist.

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This rich luxurious fabric makes a great fashion statement. But the best part is you won't be losing bottles or having to pick them up when baby throws them down.

This little "Mother's Helper" is just the gift for that new mom.

Tether it to the stroller, car seat, high chair or even your wrist. Keeps baby's bottle from getting lost or dropped.

Simple, fashionable and feels so very soft.

  Bottle Holder Minky Dot U.S. $16.00
Bottle Holder Minky Dot
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