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So luxurious feeling you won't want to leave home without it. Small enough to carry while shopping. Just watch your baby grab and snuggle this silky, soft, cuddly little blankie.

Tether it to the stroller, car seat, or even your wrist. Keep baby's blankie from getting lost or dropped.

Double-sided with rosebud chenille 2" silk brocade border. Elegant chenille weave extremely soft to the touch. Swirly rosebud style makes this blankie a beauty. Show it off with your new baby.

Designed to be a baby’s best friend, always remaining close at hand. At 18” x 15”, this little travel blanket is small enough for a baby to cling onto and cozy enough to comfort and soothe them.

Allow 3 weeks for your custom order to be processed

Blankie Rosebud Brocade   U.S. $35.00
Blankie Rosebud Brocade

Size :  18x15
Category : BABY
Product Code : BBRB