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Fluffy Brocade Baby Blanket
Fluffy Brocade

Baby Travel Blankets

Made in the U.S.A.
Beautiful fabric to choose from with
soft, elegant and  fashionable designs.

All Made in the U.S.A.
Best of all, each has a matching tether that is removable and can be secured to the stroller, highchair, or car seat to keep the blanket from being dropped or lost

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Animal Prints with Black Trim
Fluffy blankets with satin trim in solids
Fluffy Blankie,
 Satin Solid Trim $35.00
Minky dot Satin blankets Minky Dot
with Satin Trim $35.00
llink to rosebud brocade small blanket colors and ordering
Brocade $35.00

Designed to be a baby’s best friend, always remaining close at hand.
At 18” x 15”, this little blanket is small enough for a baby to cling onto and cozy enough to comfort and soothe them.